Behind The Brew.

Fe Cooper

Owner of Restorative Brew Co.

Hey, I'm Fe [pronouns She/Her]. I am a 28 year old Black mom of two young daughters. My passion for tea came about when I was a teenager working in the mall. I would spend my lunch breaks in Teavana, tasting all of the samples they had available and learning about tea from the team. Eventually I saved enough money to purchase different tea blends to experiment at home & my love for tea grew stronger. When Teavana closed, I remember telling a friend that if I had enough money I would buy them out so they could stay open for tea lovers like myself. Realizing quickly I didn't have the means to purchase them anytime soon, I then declared to open my own tea shop with a vibe similar to Teavana, but ultimately just a chill spot to relax and sip (& spill) tea. So this is the beginning of a new endeavor for me that I am extremely excited to begin. My next goal is to open a local tea shop in Milwaukee, WI (Brew City) so stay tuned for updates. I hope that you enjoy what I have to offer and I look forward to connecting with each of my members moving forward!